Port Performance Research Network

About the Network

The Port Performance Research Network (PPRN) is an informal network of maritime economists interested in issues of port policy. Main areas of discussion and knowledge exchange are efficiency, effectiveness, governance and sustainability of ports.

Founded by Dr. Mary R. Brooks, it was established at the International Association of Maritime Economists 2001 meeting in Hong Kong to undertake empirical testing of antecedents for port performance and governance and to identify key successes and failures in port reform. Since 2016 the network is chaired by Dr. Gordon Wilmsmeier.

Currently, the network has 60 members from 25 countries.

The next formal meeting of the PPRN takes place on September 11, 2018, in Mombasa, Kenya, back to back to the IAME 2018 Annual Conference.

Links to presentations from this and the more recent meetings (Hamburg, and Kuala Lumpur may be found at the bottom of this page.)

PPRN Meetings and Presentations

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2018 - Kenya

2017 - Kyoto

2016 - Hamburg

2015 - Kuala Lumpur

2013 - Marseille

2012 - Taipeh

Materials from meetings prior to 2012 have been archived but are available upon request from Dr. Gordon Wilmsmeier.

The work of all of the Port Performance Research Network members, and other material on studies in port management economics and policy, is also reported by the PortEconomics Group. If you are interested in the most recent port literature, please click here to directly access the PortEconomics database.


Chair: Dr. Gordon Wilmsmeier

Gordon Wilmsmeier holds the Kühne Professorial Chair in Logistics at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. From 2011 to 2017, he worked as Economic Affairs Officer in the Infrastructure Services Unit at the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. Previously he worked at Edinburgh Napier University’s Transport Research Institute (TRI), and as consultant for UN-ECLAC, UNCTAD, UN-OHRLLS, World Bank, JICA, IDB, CAF, and the OAS.

Gordon is honorary professor for Maritime Geography at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen and visiting lecturer at Göteborg University, Sweden and Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina. He has published over 100 book chapters, journal papers, institutional publications and working papers. He is IAME member and was IAME council member (2010-2016), chair of the port performance research network (PPRN), the Sustainability Working Group of the European Freight & Logistics Leaders Forum, and Associate member of PortEconomics.

Vice Chair: Dr. Thanos Pallis

Dr. Thanos Pallis is the scientific coordinator of the Jean Monnet Action on European Port Policy at the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport (STT), University of the Aegean, Greece. He is currently Secretary General of MedCruise, the association of cruise ports in the Med. The author of the acclaimed book "European Port Policy", he has an extensive international experience in port policy and economics. Thanos co-directs PortEconomics and is a regular contributor at the work of national governments and international organization (UNCTAD, OECD, and ESPO, IAPH, and AVIP) shaping the port sector.

Founder: Dr. Mary Brooks

Dr. Mary R. Brooks founded the Port Performance Research Network in 2001 to examine how to make ports more effective in adding value to their users’ supply chains through governance reform and benchmarking.

Her transportation practice focuses on understanding clients’ needs and helping them create value for those they serve. This may range from conducting credible research, acting as an expert witness, seeking answers to wicked questions, running a focus group or providing corporate education in the transportation management and international marketing fields.

Mary Brooks research and consulting practice focus on transportation and global supply chain management. She is particularly interested in the relationships between the buyers and sellers of transportation services. As Canada–US Fulbright scholar at George Mason University in 2005, she investigated the impact of security regulations on the US’ maritime container trade. In 2010, as a Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Transport and Logistics Studies at the University of Sydney, Mary examined the coastal shipping market in Australia and how buyers make mode choice decisions. The research findings are particularly interesting if you think that carbon pricing is worth pursuing. It has also won the International Association of Maritime Economists best paper 2011 prize and the Korea Association of Maritime Industry Prize 2012. Read this research before you make up your mind on how we solve global challenges like climate change.

With a passionate interest in how to make Canadian supply chains better, and a keen eye on the world of shipping and ports, she also have an active research program in the area of short sea shipping.

All Members in alphabetical order

The PPRN network currently has 60 members in 25 countries:

  1. Michele Acciaro, michele.acciarothe-klu.org, Germany, Associate Professor of Maritime Logistics, Kühne Logistics University
  2. Mark Assaf, mark.assafunctad.org, Switzerland, Chief Human Resources Development Section - TrainForTrade, United National Conference on Trade and Development
  3. Adrian Beharry, adrian.beharryutt.edu.tt, Trinidad and Tobago, Senior Lecturer, Maritime Studies, University of Trinidad and Tobago
  4. Angela Stefania Bergantino, abergantin.it, Italy, Associate Professor, University of Bari, Deparment of Economics
  5. Mary Brooks, m.brooksdal.ca, Canada, Professor Emerita, Dalhousie University
  6. Stephen Cahoon, stephen.cahoonutas.edu.au, Australia, University of Tasmania
  7. Pierre Cariou, pierre.carioukedgebs.com, France, Professor, KEDGE Business School
  8. José Castillo-Manzano, jignacious.es, Spain, Professor, University of Seville
  9. Claude Comtois, claude.comtoisumontreal.ca, Canada, Full Professor, University of Montreal
  10. Kevin Cullinane, kevin.cullinanegu.se, Sweden, Professor, University of Gothenburg
  11. Ioan Cuncev, icuncevyahoo.com, Romania, Sr. Researcher, Iptana SA Design Inst for Road Water & Air Transport
  12. Marcella De Martino, m.demartinoiriss.cnr.it, Italy, Researcher, National Research Council Institute for Service Industry Research
  13. Assunta Di Vaio, susy.divaiouniparthenope.it, Italy, Associate Professor, University of Naples Parthenope
  14. Michael Dooms, michael.doomsvub.ac.be, Belgium, Associate Professor, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  15. Okan Duru, DuruOtamug.edu, USA, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University at Galveston
  16. Sheila Farrell, s_p_farrellcompuserve.com, UK, Port Operations Research and Technology Centre, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Centre for Transport Studies
  17. Jim Fawcett, fawcettusc.edu, USA, Adjunct Associate Professor Public Policy, University of Southern California
  18. Claudio Ferrari, ferrarieconomia.unige.it, Italy, Associate Professor, University of Genoa, Department of Economics
  19. Martina Fontanet, martina.fontanetespo.be, Belgium, Policy Advisor, European Sea Ports Organization
  20. Cassia Galvao, cassiabgalvaogmail.com, Brazil, Economist, Catholic University of Sao Paulo
  21. Hesham Ghashat, ghashat.hgmail.com, Libya, Libya Center for Transport Research and Studies
  22. Rosa González Ramirez, rognzalezuandes.cl, Chile, Research Fellow, Universidad de Los Andes
  23. Peter Hall, pvhallsfu.ca, Canada, Professor, Simon Fraser University Vancouver
  24. Carlos Henrique Rocha, chrochaunb.br, Brazil, Professor Associado II, Universidade de Brasília
  25. Joseph Hiney, Misneachconsultinggmail.com  , Ireland, Consultant
  26. Jan Hoffmann, Jan.HoffmannUNCTAD.org, Switzerland, Chief, Trade Facilitation Section, TLB, DTL, UNCTAD, UNCTAD
  27. Ali Bao Jya-yuan, alibaocmri.org.tw, Taiwan, Secretary General of Chinese Maritime Research Institute, Kainan University
  28. Geraldine Knatz, knatzusc.edu, USA, Professor of Practice of Policy and Engineering, University of Southern California
  29. Jasmine Lam, sllamntu.edu.sg, Singapore, Associate Professor; Director of MSc Maritime Studies Program, Nanyang Technological University
  30. Mychal Langenus, Mychal.Langenusvub.ac.be, Belgium, PhD Candidate, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  31. Raja Maitra, raja.maitra49gmail.com, Ireland, Harbour Master, Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the Marine
  32. Joan Mileski, mileskijtamug.edu, USA, Department Head and Professor, Texas A & M University at Galveston
  33. Enrico Musso, enrico.mussounige.it, Italy, University of Genoa
  34. Adolf Ng, Adolf.Ngad.umanitoba.ca, Canada, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba
  35. James Nganga, james.ngangatrademarkea.com, Kenya, Infrastructure Manager, TradeMark East Africa
  36. Theo Notteboom, theo.notteboomua.ac.be, Belgium, Professor, University of Antwerp / Ghent University / Antwerp Maritime Academy
  37. Eamonn O'Connor, eamonn.oconnorimdo.ie, Ireland, IMDO
  38. Thanos Pallis, apallisaegean.gr, Greece, Associate Professor, University of the Aegean
  39. Francesco Parola, parolaeconomia.unige.it, Italy, Professor, University of Genoa
  40. Ignacio Real Pérez, ignacio-realhotmail.es, Spain
  41. Jean-Paul Rodrigue, jean-paul.rodriguehofstra.edu, USA, Professor, Hofstra University
  42. Ricardo Sanchez, ricardo.sanchezcepal.org, Chile, Senior Economic Affairs Officer, UN ECLAC
  43. Giovanni Satta, giovanni.sattaeconpomia.unige.it, Italy, Assistant Professor, University of Genoa
  44. Tony Schellinck, schelldal.ca, Canada, Dalhousie University
  45. Cheryl Basil Sequeira, cbs.omcbs.dk, Denmark, PhD Fellow, Copenhagen Business School
  46. Peggy Shu-Ling Chen, pchenamc.edu.au, Australia, Senior Lecturer, Australian Maritime College, University of Tasmania
  47. Indika Sigera, sigerai17gmail.com, Sri Lanka, Senior Lecturer, University of Moratuwa
  48. Thomas Spengler, spengler.tgmail.com, Germany, City University of Applied Sciences Bremen
  49. Christa Sys, christa.sysuantwerpen.be, Belgium, Research Director, University of Antwerp, Department of Transport and Regional Economics
  50. Alessio Tei, alessio.teincl.ac.uk, United Kingdom, Lecturer, Newcastle University
  51. Miluse Tichavska, miluse.tichavskamarinetraffic.com, United Kingdom, Academic Relations, Marine Traffic
  52. Beatriz Tovar de la Fé, beatriz.tovarulpgc.es, Spain, Associate Professor, Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  53. George Vaggelas, g.vaggelasstt.aegean.gr, Greece, Researcher, University of the Aegean
  54. Larissa van der Lugt, vanderlugtese.eur.nl, The Netherlands, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  55. Thierry Vanelslander, thierry.vanelslanderuantwerp.be, Belgium, Researcher, University of Antwerp TPR
  56. Patrick Verhoeven, verhoevenecsa.eu, Belgium, Secretary General, European Community Shipowners' Associations (ECSA)
  57. Tony Walker, trwalkerdal.ca, Canada, Assistant Professor School for Resource and Env. Studies, Dalhousie University
  58. Grace Wang, wangwtamug.edu, USA, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University at Galveston
  59. Tengfei Wang, tengfei.wanggmail.com, Vietnam, Economic Affairs Officer, UN ESCAP
  60. Gordon Wilmsmeier, g.wilmsmeieruniandes.edu.co, Columbia, Kühne Professorial Chair in Logistics, Universidad de Los Andes / Hochschule Bremen

Working Groups within PPRN

Current activities of the PPRN are focused on performance, governance and sustainability of ports.

There are several working groups within the PPRN:

Port efficiency
led by Gordon Wilmsmeier UNECLAC, Chile, Hochschule Bremen, Germany, Chair of PPRN and Beatriz Tovar de la-Fé, University Las Palmas, Spain
Port effectiveness
led by Mary R. Brooks, Dalhousie University, Canada
Port strategies
led by Michael Dooms, University of Brussels, Belgium; Larissa van der Lugt, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Port governance
led by Francesco Parola, University of Naples Parthenope, Italy
Ports and climate change
led by Adolf Ng, University of Manitoba, Canada
Cruise ports
led by Thanos Pallis, University of the Aegean, Greece and Vice chair of PPRN
Port concessions
led by Theo Notteboom, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Energy efficiency in ports
led by Michele Acciaro, Kühne Logistics University, Germany
Risk management in ports
led by Jasmine Lam, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

PPRN Hosting Institution

Currently, the Bremen City University of Applied Sciences, Germany hosts the virtual network, and undertakes responsibility for organizing the annual meetings for the network.